Hi, I’m Leanne, and welcome!

I live with mental health concerns and ADHD (diagnosed when I was 40) and I parent with them, which can be, both, challenging and rewarding.

I advocate for parents with mental health concerns in order to help create a better understanding of the struggles that we face, especially when society is still misinformed about this large, but often ignored segment of our population, and do my best to offer support and insight from my lived-experience. 

I also work to create awareness about the “invisible” disability, ADHD, and its related conditions, to educate people on its complex symptoms; it is not just physical hyperactivity that occurs only in childhood.
My goal is to strengthen recognition and inclusivity to stop the ignorance and judgement that leads to the rejection and exclusion of those of us who live with this neurodevelopmental condition (our brains developed differently – our traits and behaviour are not often a choice). 

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