Parental Mental Health – Facilitating Positive Interdependence

I was very happy to be invited, representing, to speak at the 2021 Children’s Mental Health Ontario Virtual Conference about Facilitating Positive Interdependence between parents and children when it comes to recognizing mental health concerns.

Speaking to clinicians, front-line workers and other professionals that work within the children’s mental healthcare industry, I spoke about my lived experience and how, together, with understanding and compassion, we can improve things for the whole family.

Below is the description of the presentation and a link to the webinar.

Parental Mental Health – Facilitating Positive Interdependence

Parental mental health is often an unintentionally overlooked element of children’s mental health. Facilitating a safe space for parents to explore their own mental health, and to seek help if they need it, can have a positive impact on their child. Leanne created to support this idea.

This 90-minute session will present the lived experience perspective on pursuing treatment for a parent’s mental health concerns and for a child with an ADHD diagnosis. The session will provide insights on how a parent with a late-life diagnosis parents a child with ADHD while managing both of their health conditions. The session will also touch on the notion that parents who seek help, at any age, with undiagnosed mental health concerns, can benefit the entire family.

View the webinar on the CMHO website here (scroll to the second-last presentation).

Leanne M