My name is Leanne, and I am a powerful Lived Experience voice, advocating for understanding and empathy toward mental health concerns and parenting.
My objective is to reduce stigma, fear and ignorance.

I speak in 1st Voice from living 40 years with undiagnosed ADHD, and then [still] learning how to parent with it, in an effort to encourage a more compassionate future for myself and others by honestly sharing insights and resources through this website and the anonymous public forum, ParentalMental.com

Lived Experience with depression, anxiety, ADHD, BPD, CPTSD, Anxiety and Depression.

My life has been confusing because I had no idea about my diagnoses until later in life, so my experiences before age 40 were an unbridled mélange of emotions and actions, including elation, sadness, depression, impulsivity, anger, violence, sex, love, revenge, hyperactivity, hate and addiction.

…then I had a child, and all of that changed.

Experiencing and managing a severe breakdown brought my mental health issues to light, and, with the help of some great doctors, the support of (a few) family and friends, and the extremely powerful motivation to be a present and functioning parent to my child, I was able to begin healing quickly and effectively.

This is why I’ve established the site: to create a place of #RelatableSolidarity for those who need/want to learn more about their own situation through the stories of 1st Voice & Lived Experience, and to support and advocate for others who face similar circumstances.

I truly believe that, in order to effect change, we must say (or write) what we know and believe to be true, in order to gain perspective.

So please read and share, comment and critique – we’re all in this together, and it’s through a multitude of voices that we can loudly proclaim the desire for understanding and the need for change.


My work:
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