My Mother’s Story

So many adults don’t get the opportunity to talk to their parents about their relationship with each other, the good times, but also the bad, often because the parent has died. When my breakdown began and my (then un-diagnosed) illness was triggered, I had to step away from my family, specifically my mother and father. …

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Tell Your Story – A Worksheet To Manage Anger & Anxiety

We all deserve a chance to be heard. I have ADHD and, as a result, my emotional regulation – the ability to control the expression of my emotions – is seriously compromised. I generally have a much stronger (louder, more visible) reaction to things than a neurotypical person would, and, because of that, it has …

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Too Young For Therapy

This article has been reprinted with permission from   This piece is being presented using a basic timeline. My unedited thoughts below reflect my feelings at the times when I wrote them, and I hope that you’ll find it interesting and helpful to see them develop. BEFORE: I’m a parent with ADHD (Attention Deficit …

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