Tell Your Story – A Worksheet To Manage Anger & Anxiety

We all deserve a chance to be heard. I have ADHD and, as a result, my emotional regulation – the ability to control the expression of my emotions – is seriously compromised. I generally have a much stronger (louder, more visible) reaction to things than a neurotypical person would, and, because of that, it has …

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Too Young For Therapy

This article has been reprinted with permission from   This piece is being presented using a basic timeline. My unedited thoughts below reflect my feelings at the times when I wrote them, and I hope that you’ll find it interesting and helpful to see them develop. BEFORE: I’m a parent with ADHD (Attention Deficit …

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Hair, there, everywhere.

I wrote this poem amidst my breakdown, when I’d find myself spending significant periods of time in front of my bathroom mirror, hunting for a small hair to pull out and distract me from the tornado of thoughts swirling around in my mind. I wondered why I was doing it, and this rhyme came to …

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Leanne M